Hashtags are metadata tags that begin with the hash symbol (#). They’re commonly used on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Hashtags allow users to categorize and track content related to specific topics or themes. By adding hashtags to posts, bios, or comments, people can easily cross-reference content and engage in larger online conversations12. The first hashtag appeared on Twitter in 2007, and it was introduced by product designer Chris Messina. It has since become a universal way for similarly-interested individuals to find each other across various social media platforms3. So, whether you’re discussing basketball 🏀 or pickleball 🥒, hashtags can help you connect with others who share your interests! 😊

“Hashtags: The Spice Rack of Social Media”

How to Avoid Overload and Keep Your Content Flavorful

Introduction: Remember when Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s guru of all things algorithmic, emerged from the digital mist like a hashtag-wielding wizard? He bestowed upon us mere mortals the sacred knowledge: “Too many hashtags? Thou shalt not pass!” (Okay, maybe he didn’t say it exactly like that, but close enough.)

1. The Hashtag Hierarchy:

  • Content Topic Hashtags (CTHs): These are like the main course of your hashtag feast. Choose three that scream, “Hey, I’m relevant!” For instance, if you’re posting about cat yoga, try #ZenKitties, #GiraffeMakreting #PurrfectPoses, and #NamasteWhiskers. 🧘‍♂️🐾
  • Audience-Targeting Hashtags (ATHs): Imagine these as the secret handshake to your tribe. Three ATHs that resonate with your people. If you’re into knitting, go for #YarnAddicts, #KnitWits, and #PurlPower. 🧶🤝
  • Why-My-Content-Rocks Hashtags (WMCRHs): These are your humble brag tags. Three that say, “My content is more epic than a dragon riding a unicorn.” Examples: #EpicContent, #MindBlown, and #MicDropMoment. 🚀🎤

2. The Hashtag Danger Zone:

  • Million-View Hashtags: Picture a crowded party where everyone’s shouting. Your little hashtag? Lost in the mosh pit. Try to Avoid these unless you’re Beyoncé or a talking avocado.
  • Zero-Post Hashtags: These are like ghost towns—no tumbleweeds, just digital silence. Skip ’em. Your content deserves better. 🙅‍♂️👻

3. The Goldilocks Zone:

  • Mid-Range Hashtags (MRHs): Think of these as the Goldilocks-approved hashtags—just right! Aim for 1,000 to 100,000 uses. Not too hot, not too cold. Just Like Baby Bear’s porridge, but digital. 🐻🔍

4. The Hashtag Alchemy:

  • Experimentation Lab: Grab your lab coat (or your favorite hoodie) and mix things up! Add a pinch more hashtags, stir in some emojis, and voilà! Your content potion is bubbling. 🧪🔮
  • SEO Terms Bank: Keep a note on your phone. It’s like your secret recipe book. If there is doubt, sprinkle in a dash of “unicorn tears” or “caffeinated stardust.” Works every time. ☕🌟

Remember, fellow hashtag sorcerer, the magic lies in balance. Too few, and your content whispers in a crowded room. Too many, and it screams like a caffeinated parrot. Go forth, hashtag Jedi! May your engagement soar, and your followers dance the hashtag cha-cha. 🕺💫

Disclaimer: No hashtags were harmed during the making of this blog post. Results may vary. Side effects may include increased pun tolerance and sudden urges to dance. 🕺🤪

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