The power blog content

Blogging in the digital era is an excellent way to establish your business as a thought leader. It allows you to demonstrate your expertise and maintain credibility among your target audience. 

A HubSpot study reveals that 40% of people don’t read blogs, which might suggest that blogging is dead. However, another study indicates that 80% of online traffic reads a blog at some point. This means blog content as a means to build your business for success is very much a thriving formula.

Data also shows that close to 409 million people read around 20 billion blogs every month. In addition, 1.98 billion websites post close to 7 million blogs daily to drive strong results. So, it is safe to say that blogging is still prevalent in 2022 and will continue to be a huge success for businesses. 

Consistant Blog Posting

Companies that regularly post blog content attract 67% more monthly leads than those that don’t. They also gain 97% more backlinks. These are some pretty staggering statistics that show the power of blogging. 

  • Industry-relevant blog content speaks of your authority over the particular space.
  • Blogs fuel your social media strategy and organically spread the word about your business.
  • Quality digital content boosts your SEO and ups your search engine ranking.
  • You appear reputable and trustworthy, provided you don’t sound too salesy. 
  • Blogs can brilliantly generate leads and drive them to take the desired action.

Content is KING

Engaging content keeps your customers coming back to you for new information and invites qualified leads. So make sure you make every piece unique, practice interlinking, inspire curiosity, tidy up your design, improve the readability, use high-quality images, and experiment with multiple formats for better interactivity.

Blog time

Users ideally spend three to five minutes reading a blog post. So, the higher the session duration, the more relevant and grasping your blog content may be.

But remember, marketing digital content is just as important to reach the right audience as developing quality content.

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In Conclusion

The power of providing great content can not be overlooked. While a lot goes into ensuring its effectiveness, at its most basic, it all comes down to the planning, scheduling, and execution of the content and blog itself. 

That’s where Giraffe Marketing LLC comes into play! 

At Giraffe Marketing LLC, not only do we offer an abundance of digital marketing services but westrive to produce resourceful content marketing.

Designed to take your content strategy to the next level, our content services provide businesses and brands, both large and small, with the reassurance that their online presence is taken care of. 

Not lacking in data reports, as a Giraffe Marketing LLC client, you can also rest assured that every strategy that we implement is backed by real results. 

So, if this sounds like something you could benefit from, allow experts here at Giraffe LLC based in Lexington, South Carolina to take the load off of your digital marketing efforts, whether for conent and blog posting to social media or otherwise, so that you can focus on other pressing business tasks that further move the needle toward growth.

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