The Power of Social Media 

Whether you’re seeking to promote your business’s products or services, or you’re simply eager to grow an online presence and build brand awareness, social media has proven to be an incredible tool for achieving such feats. 

Why? Not only because there are over 4.5 billion social media users worldwide but the average social media user spends a total of 147 minutes daily; that’s a lot of engaged eyes in one place!

In fact, no matter if you’re new to the market or you’re a thriving business, social media should be used as a primary means of promotion and brand awareness, if not only to interact and engage with your target audience and loyal customer base. 

While there are several social media platforms available for your deployment, the likes of Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok remain the superior platforms for all things business, promotion, brand awareness, and otherwise. There are some social media platforms that don’t align with you company. Example if you have a strong visual content then instagram is a good fit. If engagement and dialogue then Facebook is a solution.

Though you shouldn’t limit yourself to any one platform, and while your choice of platform depends greatly on where your target demographic primarily resides, having at least one social media business profile is, for all intents and purposes, essential. 

As a digital marketing agency that specializes in all things digital marketing, content, and social media strategy, we here at Giraffe Marketing LLC in Lexington, SC can assist with your social campaign needs; more on that shortly… 

With that said in what follows, we’ll be diving into the world of social media and content marketing, detailing what it is, why it’s so powerfully important, and why you as a business or brand must prioritize it as a primary means of business operations if you haven’t done so already!

Power of Content Marketing

Simply put, content marketing is a department of digital marketing that involves the creation and distribution of visual and written content online. This content can live across platforms whether it be websites, social media pages, blogs, or otherwise. 

The type of content involved with content marketing efforts includes the likes of social media posts, video testimonials, blog articles, infographic newsletters, and website content, just to name a few… 

The ultimate intention of content marketing, like any business strategy, is to attract and retain customers, earn revenue, and grow the bottom line. The primary role of content marketing, however, is to stimulate emotion, peak interest, increase engagement, promote products and services, and build brand awareness. 

For those who come from a more traditional lens, you may be wondering how content on social media, for example, can be that valuable to a business. Moreover, you may beg the question ‘how can social media be so integral to the growth of a business?!’

After all, it’s just social media, right?! Wrong. In short, content is king in today’s online, consumer-centric economy, and for more reasons than one…

The Power of Reach and frequency

The truth is, there has never been a more abundant opportunity for businesses, brands, creators, and freelancers alike than there has been with social media. The crazy thing is that social media hasn’t even reached its peak yet! 

Think about it…

The average online consumer spends 2 hours and 27 minutes daily on social media alone, and that’s only the average. The average online consumer spends 2 hours and 27 minutes daily on social mediaalone, and that’s only the average. Of the average consumer, 75% report that they use social media to research brands and businesses.

Moreover, there are more than 2.96 billion daily users on Facebook alone; Imagine how daunting that statistic would be if you combine the active users from all major social media platforms! 

Lastly, from a business competition standpoint, almost 92% of businesses in the United States now use social media for marketing purposes. In other words, if you’re not part of that 92%, you’re part of the minority, soon to be deemed irrelevant, if not non-existent altogether. 

In short, there are a lot of eyes on social media, to say the least…

The best part? 

Digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing expenses only cost a fraction of what traditional marketing expenses cost (i.e. commercials, billboards, etc). Even more, the ROI of digital marketing in comparison to traditional marketing tactics? Not even comparable. 

So, is content marketing effective? YES. Does it work? YES! Should you start using it? YES!!! 

The power of social media and content consumption at large can’t go unnoticed. This holds true whether you’re a small business, medium-sized brand, or fortune 500 organization.

In fact, 73% of marketers believe that the use of social media marketing has been effective for their business objectives. Of course, this is only true for those who hold meaningful dialogues with their audience, engaging and encouraging their audience to engage via likes, shares, and other online interactions. 

Simply put, it’s all about providing the user with a positive experience. If you do that, the vast majority (71% of them to be exact) will engage and even recommend your brand to other individuals, family and friends alike.


The power of social media can’t go unnoticed. While a lot goes into ensuring its effectiveness, at its most basic, it all comes down to the planning, scheduling, and execution of the social media strategy itself. 

Thats where Giraffe Marketing LLC comes into play! 

At Giraffe Marketing LLC, not only do we offer an abundance of digital marketing services but we boast several expert disciplines across social media and content marketing.

Designed to take your content strategy to the next level, our social media services provide businesses and brands, both large and small, with the reassurance that their online presence is taken care of. 

Not lacking in data reports, as a Giraffe Marketing LLC client, you can also rest assured that every strategy that we implement is backed by real results. 

So, if this sounds like something you could benefit from, allow our social media experts here at Giraffe LLC based in Lexington, South Carolina to take the load off of your digital marketing efforts, whether for social media or otherwise, so that you can focus on other pressing business tasks that further move the needle toward growth.

Eager to learn more about the power of social media and how we here at Giraffe Marketing may be able to help with your content marketing needs? Dont hesitate to email or call 803-609-7653! Allow us to be your one-stop shop for all things digital marketing, social media content marketing, and social strategy included!


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